Your Country?

In the ten days since its launch, ‘Your Country, Your Call‘ has attracted over 1600 suggestions. Not all are winners. Unorthodox proposals include privatising the army as an international mercenary force and “building a leprechaun theme park”. Other suggestions include converting unoccupied homes into tourist accommodation, a fundraising All Ireland 25 Card Drive to increase… Continue reading Your Country?

Sign of the Times

Yesterday I posted edited extracts from a review of ‘Chaos and Conspiracy’ in a shameless bid to promote the book to anyone who happens to be reading out there. The review appeared in last Saturday’s edition of the Irish Independent, under the headline ‘The rumour-mill that tore the soul out of an Irish country town’.… Continue reading Sign of the Times

See No Evil

While the mainstream concerned itself with the BCI decision to ban a Veritas advertisement, Republican Sinn Féin have identified a new niche in offensiveness. The following is an actual press release, posted without comment. The use of Christmas related advertising by multi-national companies to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of young children over… Continue reading See No Evil