Owning our words

Image via Morguefile

I have a vision of a publisher owned by its readers. At first inspection a company limited by guarantee seems to fit the bill. Members sign up, pay an annual membership fee (that is, subscribe) and the funds are used to produce journalism. A company limited by guarantee without share capital has a board of… Continue reading Owning our words

Company guaranteed

Publishing an electronic magazine is a business. At it’s simplest, an electronic publisher needs a bank account, to process subscriptions and pay writers. A more ambitious operation can also provide (and pay for) content such as images, podcasts, or video. To publish, its is also a necessity to own a website, if only to point… Continue reading Company guaranteed

Shout out

Since the start of the new year, I’ve been thinking about new media. Not new as in online, but new as in new points of view. New as in new voices. Ireland needs new media. Though I’m not yet certain exactly what that new media should look like. In conversations with journalists, I’ve toyed with… Continue reading Shout out