Spider Spider

On Tuesday morning, the nation awoke to the news that killer spiders were on the rampage in Leixlip. Mike Carter, a tourist from Australia staying in the town, identified the deadly arachnid as an immigrant from the antipodes. ‘It could have come in in a crate if something was imported from Australia,’ he told Morning… Continue reading Spider Spider

Eircom’s Net Loss

By all accounts, Eircom has been hacked. The telco has confirmed that there was a domain name server (DNS) outage on its website last night. Internet users throughout Ireland complained they were being redirected to bogus sites. Eircom customers have noticed slowdowns since the beginning of the month, and noticeably since this weekend, due to… Continue reading Eircom’s Net Loss


What happened to Dublin airport? Flights were disrupted for days, but information about exactly what went wrong is puzzlingly vague. AP explained that ‘the radar system failed to display the call signs that normally identify each incoming aircraft’. Bloomberg simply mentioned a ‘loss of functionality’, explaining that there were two separate incidents, one on Wednesday… Continue reading Re-boot