Comic Books. Photo by Lena Rose on Unsplash

I once had an idea for a pod/radio show where people go through what’s wrong with how their profession is portrayed. Politicians talking about the West Wing, journalists about the Newsroom, a few Guards ranting on the basic mistakes in your favourite cop show. The idea began as a narrower part of a wider feature… Continue reading Discards

This won’t happen

Pat Kenny has left RTE, leaving speculation on how the national broadcaster will fill the two-hour gap in its schedule. Most articles fixate on the conservativeness of the station, and how it will seek a safe pair of hands. In this world, adventurous is defined as going for a female anchor. There’s a bolder option.… Continue reading This won’t happen

Conventional wisdom: What everybody knows

Image via MorgueFile

Tuesday, John Murray held a phone-in to find a listener with the lowest bass singing voice in Ireland. As a throwaway remark, voice coach Paul Moussoulides said research showed listeners of both sexes preferred male voices on the radio. What research? WomenOnAir founder Margaret E Ward spent some time looking for this frequently cited research.… Continue reading Conventional wisdom: What everybody knows

Scibernia: The SFI Think-In

I’m an occasional contributor to Scibernia, the Science podcast also broadcast on Near fm. Too occasional, unfortunately. While I’ve done a few reports for the project, scheduling problems mean I rarely get a chance to sit in on the studio recordings. I do however manage the occasional piece, such as when I travelled to the… Continue reading Scibernia: The SFI Think-In