Poll positions

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Fine Gael senator Catherine Noone writes about a phone poll of local councillors attitudes: “Two-thirds of Councillors from the two Government parties would support changes to the Croke Park Agreement, according to this survey carried out by my office. A total of 529 City and County Councillors responded to the phone poll, with 56% of… Continue reading Poll positions

Check Sums

As part of my job, I read too many government reports. Most of them are available online and can be downloaded without charge. Downloads are generally in PDF format, though occasionally a press release or speech is available only as a Microsoft DOC (I haven’t encountered the newer DOCX format yet). Checking document properties, it’s… Continue reading Check Sums

Joe The non-Plumber

It’s one of those memes that’s crept into public discourse in the last year or two. It’s not enough for a politician to say how tough it is for a typical married couple, they have to give a concrete example, something the electorate can relate to. Take James Reilly, Fine Gael health spokesman: ‘The guard… Continue reading Joe The non-Plumber

Your Call Is Important To Us

Imagine a single phone number for every government service. Apparently, the taoiseach was impressed with New York’s 311 service when he visited the city earlier this year, and thinks it’s an idea worth copying. ‘The Irish Government is planning to introduce the number in an effort to improve customer services,’ according to the Irish Independent… Continue reading Your Call Is Important To Us

Opinion Piece

Can a politician — particularly a member of a governing party — truly have a personal opinion? Earlier this summer, Dick Roche announced that Ireland should hold a second referendum on the Lisbon treaty — in his personal opinion. There’s no date for the re-vote yet, but that particular personal opinion seems to be almost… Continue reading Opinion Piece