The death of journalism

Earlier this week, I spent half a day sitting in a district court. The district courts can be worthwhile if you’re a freelance journalist, but they’re a bit of a lottery too. Get in well with some of the staff, and you’ll get a tip off if there’s something interesting coming up. On Monday, I… Continue reading The death of journalism

Careful Now!

New Media doesn’t get Old Media. Bloggers don’t get why Old Media is wary of two way communication, and become irked when they can’t respond with their opinions on news websites. After all, information wants to be free. Information may be free, but libel is expensive, Old Media replies. New Media knows this in its… Continue reading Careful Now!

Word’s Worth

These words are free. That is, it costs you nothing to read them, and unfortunately, I don’t get paid to write them. But these words are not completely free. They are intellectual property. I own these words. I choose where they appear, if at all, and no one else has the right to publish them… Continue reading Word’s Worth