Serious Stories

While following the Tuam mass graves scandal, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on some programme proposals for the Sound+Vision and Mary Raftery Journalism Fund. The former are the light entertainment features, the latter is a bit more serious. And although both deadlines are approaching fast, I’ve been devoting more time and… Continue reading Serious Stories

News Business

We lie. We don’t always mean to, but we do. We’re in a hurry, overworked, and just don’t care any more. Now and then, we have our own agendas, buy that’s for the names, the guys you recognize from chat shows, not the anonymous drones who bring you 90% of the news. We used to… Continue reading News Business

July 20, 1969

Gerard Cunningham

I was four years old. Being four, I went to bed early, probably around 6pm, having spent a full day exhausting myself with the games four years olds fill their days with during endless summer. It wasn’t exactly the noise that wakened me, since there wasn’t any real noise. It was more a murmuring, the… Continue reading July 20, 1969

Fighting Back

I haven’t a clue what happened in the world today. I picked up a copy of the Irish Times to check the jobs listings in just case there was anything interesting going, but apart from Doonesbury, I didn’t read a word of it. Today was too important a day to worry about news. My mother… Continue reading Fighting Back