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The Irish Independent today carries the story of the 10.10.10 virus. “Fears that a computer virus could be unleased (sic!) on October 10 – 10.10.10 – are circulating on the internet, with experts warning users to be careful”, the newspaper reports with breathless urgency. (10.10.10 has a particular significance to many in geekdom, since in… Continue reading One-nil

Computer Virus, World Fever

A devastating computer virus is set to wreak havoc on computers today, as the ‘Conficker’ virus takes effect on thousands of machines in Ireland and worldwide. PC makers are warning users worldwide not to switch on their machines for 24 hours, as the rogue ‘time bomb’ program is designed to cause computers and monitors to… Continue reading Computer Virus, World Fever

Window Cleaning

Today is Patch Tuesday, the day when Microsoft issues security patches and bug fixes for its software. This month’s update contains eight critically rated updates, which repair problems with Windows, Office, Media Player, Internet Explorer 6, and SQL Server, among others. One of the patches is designed to fix problems with Graphics Device Interface (GDI+),… Continue reading Window Cleaning