An Cúige

David Cameron has let the cat out of the bag. Northern Ireland costs too much. Wikipedia puts the cost to the British exchequer at five billion quid in 2006. That’s one fifth of all economic output. Annually. Despite this, the North remains an economic basketcase. By contrast, the Republic benefited from a EU investment in… Continue reading An Cúige

Ten Years On

Sometimes, it’s worth remembering how far we’ve come. ‘Looking back over the past decade, the landscape of policing in Northern Ireland has been transformed,’ foreign affairs minister Micheál Martin said today. ‘The PSNI is a modern police service, one which is representative of the community that it serves.’ ‘The blueprint for that transformation was the… Continue reading Ten Years On

Any Questions?

Questions and Answers is no more, though truth be told, it’s been limping for a long time. In it’s heydey, it could point to the confrontation between the elder Brian Lenihan and Garret Fitzgerald that changed a presidential election. But that was then. When was the last time people talked about QandA on Tuesday morning?… Continue reading Any Questions?


Just before 1pm today, Newstalk‘s Lunchtime News announced that there were reports of an explosion in Belfast. Later, RTE’s news website carried reports headlined ‘Chemical explosion in Belfast’, later downgraded to ‘Chemical incident in Belfast‘. An early AP report said workers accidentally added nitric acid to a contaminated storage container, producing clouds of nitrous oxide,… Continue reading Gas