The A to Z

Since I posted about A2Z Taxis earlier this afternoon, a couple of other people tweeted to ask the A2ZTaxis account about their “only IRISH drivers” tweet, and what it meant. A2ZTaxis answered their enquiries as follows: @Littlesapling If a forigen driver wanted to join our fleet he our she would be very welcome @SusanSRyan it… Continue reading The A to Z

Doling Out The Blame

Dole minister Mary Hanafin is trumpeting the results of social welfare fraud investigations. In short, just over one in ten claims investigated were ‘suspended’ or ‘under continuing investigation.’ We are not told how many inquiries are continuing, and how many are completed. So much for presumed innocent. The majority of dodgy claims were from foreigners,… Continue reading Doling Out The Blame

Lump It

Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar wants to give unemployed immigrants a lump sum if they agree to leave the country. Fianna Fáil TD Thomas Byrne was delighted to pounce on the idea, from a member of the same party that last week called for ‘segregation‘ in schools, denouncing it as a policy ‘in the dishonourable tradition… Continue reading Lump It