The news in 2014

JANUARY: Following Murdoch takeover, Storyful announce new unit dedicated to verifying iPhone papshots of C-list celebrities. FEBRUARY: MicroSoft finally figures out how to make money out of Nokia, announce relaunch of 6310i. MARCH: Edward Snowden reveals NSA secretly unfollows your friends on twitter, sends ‘likes’ of John Waters to Facebook on your behalf. APRIL: All… Continue reading The news in 2014

Crash report

Image via Morguefile

Apple’s latest software release for the iPhone, iOS6, contains some errors in its new Apple Maps app. Justice minisiter Alan Shatter writes: I want to acknowledge the value of online map applications and the assistance they give to the general public. I know on occasion mistakes can be made and I am surprised to discover… Continue reading Crash report

Light relief

Kevin Myers arrives at the Smithwick tribunal, or The Blurry Limits of Smartphone Photography. © Faduda

The schedule at the Smithwick tribunal is predictable; two hours of evidence from 11am to 1pm, and two more from 2pm to 4pm. Today, the schedule was out of kilter. The morning witness finished early, so the tribunal broke for lunch at 12.30pm. That meant they were returned 30 minutes early at 1.30pm. The first… Continue reading Light relief


How #YoureFFired began

About a week ago, comedian Morgan C Jones tweeted his intention to stand outside Leinster House next Thursday at midday. He didn’t care if it ended up as a one man, silent protest, he just felt the need to do something. He invited others to come along if they shared his feelings. It was one… Continue reading #YoureFired