Book launch: The shafting of St Luke’s

Cancer in a Cold Climate

‘We are working towards developing one of the most advanced networks of radiation oncology in the world‘ National Cancer Control Programme press office But health analyst and contributor Marie O’Connor, says: ‘Cancer sufferers will soon be treated like commodities, sold off, in effect, to the lowest bidder’. This is the backdrop to Cancer in a… Continue reading Book launch: The shafting of St Luke’s

Natural Causes

Christopher O’Driscoll was seventeen. The HSE knew about him since he was ten. Since then, he had been in and out of care facilities, an when they were full, bed and breakfasts, or hotels. On May Day weekend last year, he had nowhere to go. The administrators had shut down their computers, closed their offices,… Continue reading Natural Causes

Doctor Who?

A man who suffered from a peanut allergy collapsed and died from severe anaphylactic shock less than an hour after eating peanut during an appointment with an alternative medicine practitioner, the Irish Independent reports today. Brett Stevens, a kinesiologist and chiropracter living in Dublin, is described in the Irish Independent report from the coroner’s court… Continue reading Doctor Who?


More than thirteen thousand people joined a Facebook group urging Slovenia’s ‘perennial foreign minister’ Dimitrij Rupel to retire from political life. The Slovenians are annoyed that Rupel remains a member of the government, despite his party losing a recent election. Rupel, a flexible politician, had been a member of four parties during his career, and… Continue reading Newsworthy