The T Word

Martin Cloake congratulates the NUJ for its use of new media (mostly twitter, with a frequently updated blog, all maintained by a team of student journalists) to cover their recent annual delegate meeting. Well yes, except that most of the tweeters seem not to have set up accounts until days before the ADM began, the… Continue reading The T Word

Reading Matters

It’s been a while since I’ve updated (a combination of work and connectivity issues) so I thought I’d spend some time on what I’ve been reading. If you haven’t done so already, bookmark The Story. The brianchild of Mark Coughlan and Gavin Sheridan, it’s a must see site if you want to see the devil… Continue reading Reading Matters

News Cycling

At midday, the government will publish the report of the Commission on Taxation Reform. I’m busy working today, so I won’t have a chance to follow the reaction, but I can make some predictions. RTÉ have announced that their flagship News at One programme will become News at Noon to cover the launch of the… Continue reading News Cycling

War Of Words: Why the Irish bloggetariat has yet to worry the commentariat

Mick ‘Slugger O’Toole‘ Fealty declared yesterday that ‘bloggers have won’ the argument with the commentariat, opinion formers who exert their influence through newspaper columns. Well, maybe in some parts of the world, but there’s scant evidence that battle has even been joined in the Republic. Here, the Old Media (and that includes me) trundles on,… Continue reading War Of Words: Why the Irish bloggetariat has yet to worry the commentariat

A Picture Is Worth…?

Local election candidate Emma Kiernan broke out of the local media to gain (perhaps fleeting) national fame this week, thanks to the interweb. Kiernan, a Fine Gael candidate running for a spot on Newbridge town council, is young, attractive, and like many of her friends, she has a facebook profile. Like everyone else on Facebook,… Continue reading A Picture Is Worth…?

Does Dermot Ahern Read Blogs?

Does Dermot Ahern read this blog? On May Day, I wrote here that the justice minister’s proposal to create a criminal offence of blasphemous libel with a fine of up to €100000 was ‘a return to the brilliance that gave us revenue generating innovations like duty free shopping, DIRT tax, the airport departure tax.’ ‘We… Continue reading Does Dermot Ahern Read Blogs?