Scibernia: The SFI Think-In

I’m an occasional contributor to Scibernia, the Science podcast also broadcast on Near fm. Too occasional, unfortunately. While I’ve done a few reports for the project, scheduling problems mean I rarely get a chance to sit in on the studio recordings.

I do however manage the occasional piece, such as when I travelled to the Teagasc Oak Park Research Centre to talk with Dan Milbourne about Potato Genetics.

Back in November, I headed down to Athlone for the Science Foundation Ireland Think-In, and recorded a few interviews. As it turned out, I had some free time, and everyone else was tied up, so I ended up putting the resulting podcast together myself, dropping in intro music, linking narratives, and a musical “sting” to transition between interviews.

[For the curious among you, the six-note “sting” was initially generated using tonematrix, then modified slightly using Audacity.]

And so it came to pass that I accidentally produced my first radio programme. You can listen to it below.

Scibernia: Science Foundation Ireland Think-In:

By Gerard Cunningham

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