Scibernia: The SFI Think-In

I’m an occasional contributor to Scibernia, the Science podcast also broadcast on Near fm. Too occasional, unfortunately. While I’ve done a few reports for the project, scheduling problems mean I rarely get a chance to sit in on the studio recordings.

I do however manage the occasional piece, such as when I travelled to the Teagasc Oak Park Research Centre to talk with Dan Milbourne about Potato Genetics.

Back in November, I headed down to Athlone for the Science Foundation Ireland Think-In, and recorded a few interviews. As it turned out, I had some free time, and everyone else was tied up, so I ended up putting the resulting podcast together myself, dropping in intro music, linking narratives, and a musical “sting” to transition between interviews.

[For the curious among you, the six-note “sting” was initially generated using tonematrix, then modified slightly using Audacity.]

And so it came to pass that I accidentally produced my first radio programme.

Scibernia: Science Foundation Ireland Think-In

[Update: Sadly, it appears the Scibernia programme is no longer archived by NearFM, and their own site had also expired. As the audio files do not appear to be available in the Internet Archive, my debut is seemingly lost to the ages.]

By Gerard Cunningham

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