“A teacher and columnist…”

Image via Morguefile

“Breda O’Brien is a teacher and a columnist with the Irish Times”, according to the clip below.

But unlike Joan Collins and Ciara Conway, her political affiliation is not mentioned during this introduction, on a Late Debate programme to discuss the death of Savita Halappanavar, and the abortion debate it sparked.

Breda is a patron of the ring-wing Catholic think-tank, the Iona institute.

I mention this because Breda has written a column in today’s Irish Times complaining about media bias and unstated allegiances.


And just in case you think that’s a one-off, here’s Pat Kenny a couple of days later introducing David Quinn, “columnist with the Irish Independent”.


No mention of David’s role as director of the Iona Institute.

Image via Morguefile

By Gerard Cunningham

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