Dead Planet Sketch

Poor old Pluto just can’t get a break. First it’s demoted from a plant to a dwarf planet. That’s not too bad. It’s no longer the Premiership, but at least it’s still a planet. Then the International Astronomical Union announced that dwarf plants will in future be known as plutoids. Pluto wasn’t easy to find.… Continue reading Dead Planet Sketch

Free Trade

Neelie Kroes is my new hero. I’ve been moving away from microsoft for years. I browse the web with Firefox. I design publications with Scribus. And I dropped MS Office in favour of OpenOffice two years ago. I’m writing this article using OpenOffice writer, and have over the years written countless articles and two books… Continue reading Free Trade

And In Other News

A lot of people got a scare last Halloween, when the government told second provisional licence holders they would no longer be allowed to drive on their own. Panic ensued as thousands of provisional drivers scrambled to arrange tests. The government relented, and said there would be an eight month holiday before the rule change.… Continue reading And In Other News

Why So Many Don’t Know

Sometimes, the vision thing is important. In the first European referendum in 1973, the benefits were clear. Europe meant access to new markets, and an incredible deal for farmers. The Single European Act sold itself in the title alone. One Europe, no borders, no customs, free movement for people as well as companies and their… Continue reading Why So Many Don’t Know

Who Pays The Piper

I was educated by the State. The State paid for to build the schools I was taught in, designed the curriculum, paid my teachers’ salaries. But the first school I went to wasn’t a State school. It was owned and operated by the Catholic church. We’re so used to ‘national schools’ which aren’t owned by… Continue reading Who Pays The Piper


One more day to go. I’m looking forward to it already. No more news programmes filled with ‘I didn’t interrupt you’ and ‘Who is funding your campaign?’ No more claims that the Lisbon treaty will sanction euthanasia, legalise abortion, and make homosexuality compulsory on Tuesdays. No more ministers pleading for a Yes vote because they… Continue reading 24

Faduda 2.0

Once upon a time, I had a website. It was created using notepad, without any bells and whistles, back when the web was shiny and new. Those were the days, when a 33K modem was state of the art and Netscape was the browser of choice. Because there wasn’t any other choice. My website evolved… Continue reading Faduda 2.0


Just before 1pm today, Newstalk‘s Lunchtime News announced that there were reports of an explosion in Belfast. Later, RTE’s news website carried reports headlined ‘Chemical explosion in Belfast’, later downgraded to ‘Chemical incident in Belfast‘. An early AP report said workers accidentally added nitric acid to a contaminated storage container, producing clouds of nitrous oxide,… Continue reading Gas


Political opinion polls are notoriously unreliable in this country. Small margins make the difference between victory and defeat. National polls simply don’t have the high resolution needed to predict the outcome. Put simply, elections are won and lost in the margin of error. And when it comes to a referendum on something few understand and… Continue reading Countdown