A freelance contract

My bread and butter

This agreement is between the Publication (and all its subsidiaries), and the Author, Gerard Cunningham, an independent freelance writer.

Project description

Author agrees to write an article of agreed length on the topic required for the Publication. Author agrees to conduct interviews and research necessary for completion of the article. Author will submit the finished article to Editor of Publication, before an agreed deadline.
Any additional items, such as sidebars, 4-colour photos, captions etc, shall also be supplied by the Author at a rate to be agreed if required.


Publication agrees to pay Author €___ per day worked for the complete, finished feature, which includes a headline and accompanying photographs and captions, unless otherwise agreed to the satisfaction of both parties.

Publication agrees to submit payment for the above-described project within 30 days unless otherwise agreed after receipt of invoice of the aforementioned editorial project, assuming the editorial project is in accordance with the above project description.

The “kill fee” for work commissioned by the Editor but not published shall be 100% of the fee agreed to supply the work.

Late Payment may incur penalties as outlined in the European Communities (Late Payments in Commercial Transactions Regulations) 2002. See http://www.djei.ie/enterprise/smes/latepay.htm


Copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material created by self-employed freelance contributors belong to the Author and neither the Publisher nor any of its subsidiaries, agencies, associates or any other entity has any authority to assign, waive or license any such rights.

Unless otherwise negotiated, the Publisher purchases a licence for one use of freelance material only and in one medium and one market only. Unless agreed otherwise, the agreement is for publication in the Republic of Ireland.
The Publisher agrees to acknowledge the Author’s moral rights in their work in all media a) to a credit/byline b) not to be subject to derogatory treatment.

The Author will issue a licence allowing the Publisher to copy and store the material in its published form solely for library and reference use within the company.

All other licence for further usage, if agreed in writing by the Author, will be purchased at a rate to be agreed by the Author and the Publisher.

My bread and butter

By Gerard Cunningham

Gerard Cunningham occupies his time working as a journalist, writer, sub-editor, blogger and podcaster, yet still finds himself underemployed.

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