SCI Con 2009

Westie, Goldenarse, Vernon Pugh, Cait(h) and Féachadóir at SCI Con 2009

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Ireland 30 France 21

Thanks to a last minute call from a friend of a friend, I found myself in Croke Park today for the Ireland France game, and brought along the camera. I snapped away happily, but I definitely need to invest in a new lens.

Anois Teacht an Earraigh

‘Anois teacht an Earraigh…’ The first words of an Irish poem, written by the blind poet Raifteiri and memorised by every schoolchild in Ireland. ‘Now that Spring is coming…’ According to the traditional Irish calendar, Spring begins on 1 February, Brigit’s Day. So naturally, Brigit being contrary at times, what with the confusion over whether… Continue reading Anois Teacht an Earraigh