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Chaos and Conspiracy

Gerard Cunningham is the author of 'Chaos and Conspiracy', the story of the McBrearty family and the Morris tribunal.
"Chaos and Conspiracy is a gripping account which will be read most avidly in Raphoe. But it should also be obligatory reading for the 14,000 members of the gardai and for those of us tempted to argue that the end justifies the means when it comes to combating crime." Michael Brennan, Irish Independent
"This is a brilliant piece of reporting. Readers will already know the bones of this case through newspaper, TV and radio reports. The book to hand, taken in two or three sittings, makes for a more dramatic read than the daily drip-feed of national newspapers." Tom Widger, Sunday Tribune

Dead Tree Journals: : Essays on Media and News Gathering

In 2020 Gerard Cunningham published Dead Tree Journals, a Kindle e-book featuring a series of articles and essays, primarily covering media developments in Ireland but also covering related topics.
The articles were first published in Village magazine between the years 2013-18, during a decade of immense change in the news landscape both in Ireland and internationally.

Space Navigator

Space Navigator and other stories is a collection of short (and short-short) stories, mostly with a science fiction and fantastical approach. Consisting of stories It is the first published work of fiction by journalist and writer Gerard Cunningham.

Turas Cholm Cille Pocket Guide

A new guide to the historic Turas Cholm Cille in Gleann Cholm Cille, launched just before the saint’s holy day on 9 June 2010.
The 24 page booklet, a one-stop guide to the early medieval pilgrimage, was designed by local journalist Gerard Cunningham.
The Turas is one of the major attractions in the area, noted for its megalithic and early Christian monuments.
One of the cross pillars has become an iconic symbol of the parish, featured in calendars, tourist guides, books, and even matchboxes.

Turas Cholm Cille Kindle Edition

A pocket guide to Turas Cholmcille in Glencolmcille, Co Conegal, revised, updated and made available in ebook form in 2021 to mark the 1500th anniversary of the birth of Colmcille on 7 December 521.
According to the Life of Colmcille compiled by Manus O'Donnell in 1532, the saint came to the parish to drive out "demons" which sought refuge there after they were banished from Croagh Patrick in Co Mayo by St Patrick.
Whether this tale is true or not, the Turas stones date back to the same early Christian era as Colm Cille, and the pilgrim path also incorporates older elements of the local archaeology such at a 5,000 year old Court Cairn tomb.

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