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Last week Conor Lenihan planned to launch an anti-science screed.

Then the taoiseach had a bad night, and the story died.

But I was curious, so I sent an email to every sitting TD.

Quoting the Project Steve statement, I asked three questions:

Do you agree with the statement?

Should evolution be part of the education curriculum?

If yes, at what level? If no, why not?

The response was underwhelming.

Sinn Féin’s Aengus Ó Snodaigh was succinct. Yes, Yes, and Yes at all levels.

Emmet Stagg TD
Emmet Stagg TD - © Faduda

Labour’s Emmet Stagg said the same.

Joanna Tuffy agreed, but added she had “no difficulty with faith formation being taught as part of national curriculum in national schools”.

Ruairi Quinn sent a lengthy reply referring to the “widely accepted theory of evolution” and Lenihan’s “unwise decision”, but did not actually answer my questions.

Thomas Broughan was to the point: “Evolution is a fact and has of course been taught in Ireland for several generations.”

Independent Maureen O’Sullivan – a teacher – agreed. Evolution should form part of the second level science curriculum in her view.

No Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil TD replied.

If you don’t know why this matters, read what Lenny Antonelli has to say.

I'll be a monkey's uncle... or maybe not. - Image via

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