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Here’s what I learned about Declan Ganley’s meeting on twitter last night:

The crowd was older, over half of them pensioners. More women than men among the retirees. At 7pm there were about 100 people in the room. The numbers swelled to over 400 by the end of the evening.

At one point, a speaker from the floor asked Ganley to talk about the economy, that he hadn’t come to listen to “pro-life arguments shoved down my throat”. He was shouted down by the audience.

Ganley pronounces the “Fine” in Fine Gael like a Fianna Fáil councillor trying to get a rise out of his opponent.

He wants less business regulation, but more regulation if you’ve got a womb.

Ray Kinsella’s solution to our economic woes is to leave the eurozone and “rebuild [the] EU with other peripheral countries and with God at its centre.”

Here’s what I got about Declan Ganley’s meeting in the newspaper today: Selected extracts from the text of Ganley’s speech, which I’d already read online two hours before the meeting began.

This is why newspapers are in trouble. Nothing in this article tells me anything I didn’t already know reading the transcript online.

Nice photo though.

UPDATE: Now this is how its done. Michael Clifford on why Ganley’s political alternative is a non-runner.


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