Revue: Memento Mori

A green snake coiling in a leaf
Photo by Alfonso Castro on Unsplash

Not many people remember it, but there was a time when the only hipsters in Ireland were Pat Kenny and Larry Gogan
Back in the days before 2FM, even before there were pirate radio stations, Pat and Larry were the long haired hippie weirdos of national broadcasting.
So one day, Eamon de Valera died. President of Ireland, longest serving taoiseach in the history of the State, president of the First Dáil, 1916 veteran. Naturally, RTÉ went into full National Mourning mode. Solemn, sad music, announcers speaking in funereal tones, the works.
Around day four, Kenny and Gogan are going crazy. This carry-on is killing the ratings, it’s not like his death was unexpected, there has to be a bit of lightening up.
Eventully, they reach a compromise. They can play some more up-tempo Irish music, but instrumentals only.
Pat Kenny heads into studio for his next shift.
Picks up an album of Horslips instrumentals and lines up the first track.
While the clock is counting down he’s multitasking. Lines up his scripts for An Nuacht and News Headline segments. Second hand hits zero, he hits play.
The music is playing in his headphones so he knows the lights are green. He spends the next few minutes setting up for the hour. Routine preparations, he’s done it hundreds of times.
The first piece finishes, he lines up the second disc on the turntable, picks up the album cover.
“Failte romhat a chairde, this is Radio Teilifis Eireann. I’m Pat Kenny and I will be your host for the next hour, and that was our first piece this morning <*checks sleeve notes*> “The Snakes’ Farewell To The Emerald Isle“.

A green snake coiling in a leaf
Photo by Alfonso Castro on Unsplash
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By Gerard Cunningham

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