Revue: Hello World

Revue is a newsletter app, and they recently hooked up with Twitter. I sent out this article on Friday 19 March.

The EU needs an EU wide shared news outlet. Something set up to overcome the language barriers between us, so that, for example, Irish people aren’t at the mercy of politicians defining how well or poorly we compare with Denmark, or Estonia, when it comes to vaccines or housing.

EuroNews tries, but suffers from the dullness of its origins. It feels like the corporate video HR shows new recruits during the autumn intake.

And Politico isn’t the answer either. For starters, it’s anglophone, not European. And it covers Brussels insider gossip, not Europe.

I’m not sure there’s an answer to this, at least not in the public sector. I can see a business case for an English (Lingua Franca) paper covering the 27 for elite business or political audiences, but I’m not sure there’s a commercial case for reporting for a wider audience.

Maybe the answer is cross border links between public broadcasters. Not sharing bland reports like EuroNews, but pooling content among themselves. We introduce the Spanish to Teresa Mannion storm reports, and in return we get to meet the Greek Charlie Bird. A real cultural exchange.

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By Gerard Cunningham

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