A random selection of my thoughts from a week on Twitter:

I’ve discovered a major loophole in the Irish constitution which allows abortion on demand. I intend to alert every political party. 1/2
Afterwards, any party claiming to be anti-abortion which does not immediately campaign to #repealthe13th will be regarded as hypocrites 2/2

Did @GerryAdamsSF just cite Smithwick tribunal as example of ex-IRA cooperation? The Smithwick tribunal where IRA refuse to give evidence?

There’s the Irish Times carrying a call for RTE licence fees to be used to subsidise private broadcasters (& papers?)

Someone should do a sequel to You’ve Got Mail where Tom Hanks’ book chain business is bankrupted by Amazon

Fianna Fail announce they’re going to make damn sure they know which way the wind is blowing before taking a position on abortion law

Get the feeling the hoops in the #xcase bill are there mainly to encourage women to go to the UK so they don’t show up in Irish stats

Great to see so much fact-checking of Iona Institute claims. Depressing that journalists weren’t the ones doing the fact-checks.

And finally, a question I’d like to get an answer to, but really don’t expect to:


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