Passions Run High In Debate

Fine Gael TD Pat Breen’s constituency office in Ennis was defaced by ‘No’ to Lisbon campaigners last night, an act he described as ‘an act of sheer desperation’.

‘Vandalising a TD’s office in what appears to be an orchestrated fashion can only be described as an act of sheer desperation,’ said the deputy foreign affairs spokesman.

‘A European flag in the window was defaced and the entire front of the office was vandalised by untruthful ‘No’ leaflets.’

‘These ‘No’ Campaigners may believe that attacks like this will be effective but I, and Fine Gael, prefer to run a positive campaign highlighting the benefits of a ‘Yes’ vote.’

Meanwhile in Dublin, Young Fine Gael and Coir campaigners ‘clashed’ with Coir after the youth wing parked an admobile with the slogan ‘Liar, Liar, Pants of fire Cóir’ outside the No campaign HQ.

Cóir after YFG editorial
Cóir after YFG editorial

Senator Pascal Donohoe and Cóir campaigner Scott Schittl later accused each other of telling lies about the impact of the treaty upon minimum wage levels.

And last Sunday Declan Ganley and Proinsias de Rossa reportedly had to be separated after an exchange of words followin an appearance on Newstalk.

Who said European politics was dull?

By Gerard Cunningham

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