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You know you’re getting old when Time Lords start looking younger.

First though, we had a bit of slapstick. Usually, we just see the Tardis interior. It’s not often we get to see it fly. The attack on the Daleks in Parting of the Ways. The crash landing in Christmas invasion. The Runaway Bride carchase. Nice when it happens, even though the slapstick seems to annoy lots of fans.

The less said about the new theme music, the better.

Lots of metareferences, though it’s not always clear if they’re intentional. Did anyone else think of ET when Amelia went outside to investigate a crash in the garden?

Mostly though, Stephen Moffat is referencing old (and not so old) Who. Not just the montage of previous incarnations at the end, but the themes. Amy grows older as the Doctor skips through time, recalling Girl in the Fireplace.

Matt Smith did a nice job, and even if there were echoes of David Tennant in his performance, shows promising signs of being much less manic than his predecessor.

And finally, tweed is cool. How cool is that? As a longtime wearer of hand woven Donegal tweed, all can say to that is, Geronimo!

By Gerard Cunningham

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