New Media Rules

Like many others, I’ve spent the weekend finding my way around on Mastodon, as Twitter goes from being a hellsite to a place you suspect may soon literally burn to the ground because they fired the guy whose job it was to stop the servers overheating.

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So here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Mastodon isn’t Twitter.

Some things don’t work like Twitter, and that’s by design.

You’ve grown used to things that are designed to give you that rush of anger endorphins.

Mastodon is very deliberately built to avoid that.

The temptation for many of the new migrants will be to replicate the Twitter experience.

Picking arguments, amplifying the trolls. Chasing that rush.

Please don’t.

This isn’t your house, there are already people here who put a lot of time into building it.

Things like content warnings, ALT tags to improve accessibility.

Things like not having a “quote” function, because it encourages swarms.

Don’t turn it into a replica of the mess you just left.

Don’t be a colonist remaking the old country.

If you really miss the fights and the trolls you want to amplify, the birdsite is still there.

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By Gerard Cunningham

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