I’m Not Really Bald

A Cut Above
A Cut Above

Tourists in Gleann Cholm Cille may be wondering if some unusual pagan cult has spread in the valley in the past month, as they notice some of the unusual haircuts in the area, ranging from simple mohicans to the downright bizarre.

The explanation: it’s all in a good cause, the result of a Head Shaving Evening organised as part of the annual Feile Ghleann Cholm Cille to raise funds for the Donegal hospice.

Puns flowed as the victims endured gags about the bald truth and hair raising experiences.

First to step up was Sean Connelly, proprietor of Biddy’s Bar, where the event took place on a mid-August. Sean’s golden locks were quickly felled, and he soon sported a new look featuring a shocking pink fringe and  green highlights.

Others who took part in the event were Your Humble Correspondent, Declan Towell, Aidan ‘Pajo’ Gillespie, Cian McGinley, Gabriel Boyle, Paul ‘Phaid’ Cunningham, Stephen McIntyre, Daragh Gara, Jamie McNern, James Maguire, Conor Jones, Kevin McNern, Gerard Ellis, Paddy Flaherty, John McLaughlin, Hugh Maguire and Danny Haughey.

The electric razors were ably wielded by Noelle Cunningham and Deirdre Cunningham.

Now, does anyone out there know where I can find a baseball cap?

By Gerard Cunningham

Gerard Cunningham occupies his time working as a journalist, writer, sub-editor, blogger and podcaster, yet still finds himself underemployed.


  1. BTW, seeing as you’ve contributed your locks to the good cause, I feel it is incumbent on me to help you in your search for a baseball cap. You can have your pick of what’s on the shelf behind me. Dinamo Kyiv, New York Yankees, Ulster Rugby, FC Bayern Munich, Barbarians — take your pick. Though I don’t suppose Rangers hold much attraction for you, you’re welcome to them as well.

    But with the best will in the world, you’re not getting my Brooklyn Dodgers cap.

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