I haven’t written too much about the new Criminal Justice Act, signed into law by the president last week. In case you missed it too, hearsay has been upgraded to evidence, as has the opinion of a Garda.

Frank McBrearty Jnr
Frank McBrearty Junior

Politicians dislike speaking out against attacks on civil rights in this country. Too many people are afraid of being seen as ‘soft on crime’. So it’s good to see (courtesy of Highland Radio) that Donegal County Council passed a motion expressing concern at the new law.

The motion was moved by Frank McBrearty Junior, who said the provisions of the act could lead to a litany of miscarriage of justice cases coming before the appeal court.

He said giving extra powers to Gardai without balancing that with independent checks sets a very dangerous precedent.

The motion passed by three votes to one, with most members abstaining.

I’m guessing Frank’s Labour colleague voted for the motion, I’m not sure who the other two voters were. There are twentynine people on the council.

At the Morris tribunal, Frank’s father said that, before the storm, his family were Fianna Fáil to the core. It makes you wonder. Is a liberal a conservative who’s been wrongly arrested?

By Gerard Cunningham

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