An Open Letter to Libertas

Dear Declan,

I know you’re not going away.

Or if you do, you will return after another ‘provocation’ to run for the Dáil or, – heaven help us – the Áras.

Either way, we can be sure of one thing. Votes like this aren’t going away either. There will be new treaties, as Europe evolves.

So tell me, what is it you want?

During the first Lisbon campaign, you criticised the Lisbon treaty as legal bloatware, claiming you could write a constitution of Europe in twenty five pages.

So please tell me, what would your constitution contain?

I have a reasonable idea of what you’re against through the Lisbon campaigns, but I’m not sure what you want.

And I know you say that being anti-Lisbon didn’t make you anti-Europe, just in favour of a different kind of Europe.

So why not save us some time, and let us know what the next treaty should contain before the negotiations begin.

I’m sure the government would appreciate it if they had some idea of what to ask for before when they next sit down in Brussels.

Oh, and while we’re at it, could I have a look at the Libertas party constitution?

By Gerard Cunningham

Gerard Cunningham occupies his time working as a journalist, writer, sub-editor, blogger and podcaster, yet still finds himself underemployed.


  1. Declan Ganley is an Irish patriot. It was not the venue for Declan or anyone else to put up an alternative treaty – only the Lisbon treaty was on the table for voting. Declan and Libertas quite rightly pointed out the serious flaws in the Lisbon Treaty like the ability of unelected officials to amend the treaty without having to ever ask the Irish people again for their vote. What kind of a nut would vote for a changeable treaty?!? clearly the people were uninformed and swayed by scaremongering about the economy.

  2. That was then, this is now.

    I never expected Declan to offer an alternative before the vote, but it would be nice to know what he wants before the next treaty comes along.

  3. The detail is in the written Treaty, not generalities and politicians mouthing off. Unless you’ve looked at it with that evel of detail, discussion becomes meaningless and down to one persons advantage over another.

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