All’s fair in love and PR

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Yesterday, I asked the twitter machine for examples of Valentine’s Day themed press releases, just to see what the public relations industry was up to. The results are laid out below.

A postal campaign by SPARK, sending letters containing matchsticks to welfare minister Joan Burton, who “ignited the spark” in single parents across Ireland. They will also protest with a Valentine’s Day card at Leinster house. A second (gay rights) protest will highlight the March for Marriage.

A 10K Fun Run in Bundoran to improve heart health. Organised in conjunction with the Irish Heart Foundation. Hearts and Valentines, see?

A survey which says restaurant bookings are up. And given the economic news, it even mentions how restaurants are hiring extra staff for the occasion. Sponsored by a “leading restaurant website”.

A survey which says men are impressed by women who drive big cars. Sponsored by a car insurer.

A survey which warns that Valentine’s Day email scams are on the rise as cybercriminals do their best to hack your computer. Sponsored by an antivirus software company.

A survey says Irishmen are ugly. Sponsored by a website for “beautiful people.”

Guess which ones will be reported straightfaced as “Scientists have demonstrated…”

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By Gerard Cunningham

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