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In the beginning was the word

There was a time when book burning mattered. Once upon a time, religions enforced dictates by burning books containing the wrong opinions. To be orthodox was, literally, to hold the right opinion. And just in case that didn’t work, heretics were burned at the stake for good measure. At the end of the medieval era, […]


Sometimes, I think that psychological researchers just do it to get a laugh. Take the finding, which will be published in this month’s issue of Science, to the effect that – as Fox News put it – easily startled people are more likely to be political conservatives. Yes, you heard me right. The channel that […]

The Shannon Stopover

Omar Khayd was fifteen when he was arrested. He was sixteen when a video  – recently released by his lawyers – was recorded after he was deprived of sleep, not in some dictatorial hellhole that no one ever heard of, but in the Land of the Free. Omar was captured in Afghanistan, accused of throwing […]