Guth: What’s in a name?

Why call it Guth? If there’s one question I get asked more than any other about Guth magazine, it’s why I called it Guth. The simple answer is, it’s an Irish word, and an Irish magazine, and unlike English words, most Irish words tend to be available. They’re less likely to be trademarked, less likely […]

Guest Post: Guth – why we need a new media voice in Ireland

By Philip O’Connor As soon as Gerard Cunningham suggested the idea of a new independent Irish news magazine run by journalists to me, I was onboard. And here’s why. Modern media is a complex business where the interests of shareholders, advertisers, editors, journalists and readers seldom converge. Decisions about what stories to cover are taken […]

Support a new voice: Guth

Crowdfunding first came across my radar about six months ago, when I started hearing about Kickstarter, an American project which invited supporters to fund projects with donations. The idea struck me immediately as an innovative way to get a project off the ground, solving two problems startups often face, a lack of seed capital and […]

The Goldilocks zone

The largest successful Fundit crowdfunding effort to date raised €25,000. Impressive, but quite a way from the headline grabbing seven figure sums raised by some Kickstarters in the USA and elsewhere. That said, the average amount raised by a Kickstarter appeal is around $5000 (about €3750). The average raised by Irish crowdfunding appeals to date […]


Andrew Sullivan says he is unlikely to make his 900K target. Granted its a distinct market, and his costs are different, but still, it gave me pause. So I thought, instead of looking for enough subscription/support to launch and run for a year, I look for one issue. Ireland is a small market, readers here […]


I wasn’t quite ready to go, but over the weekend I set up a basic FundIt page for the Guth newsmagazine. The intention was to at least get the ball rolling. I figured once it was up there, I could refine and re-edit the description, sort out exactly what gifts I would give to subscribers, […]