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Guth: One day in, 31 to go

At time of writing, subscriptions to Guth stand at €1240, just short of 10% of the final target of €13500 I need to raise in order to make the project a reality. (If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can pledge your contribution at I’ve had some questions about what forms Guth will take. Will […]


A random selection of my thoughts from a week on Twitter: I’ve discovered a major loophole in the Irish constitution which allows abortion on demand. I intend to alert every political party. 1/2 Afterwards, any party claiming to be anti-abortion which does not immediately campaign to #repealthe13th will be regarded as hypocrites 2/2 Did @GerryAdamsSF […]

Do the research

It’s been a busy week, between Freelance Forum and its aftermath, and a few other things. But there was one advantage to being busy doing other things. Without the newsmag constantly to the forefront of my mind, occasional thoughts would pop up from angles I hadn’t considered before. Given the week that’s in it – […]

Public property

I really liked the poetry of a news/publishing company owned by its members/subscribers, but it isn’t going to happen. Put simply, the legal hoops such a company would face, from restrictions on its ability to finance itself to limits on the numbers of members, mean that creating such a creature would be an unwieldy, time-consuming, […]

So I asked a question…

Imagine a new magazine. What does it take to hold your interest? For a while now, I’ve been playing with the idea of a new magazine covering Irish current affairs. One decent investigative piece every issue, half a dozen or so strong analysis pieces, perhaps an extended interview, and a few other pieces to lighten […]

Fair, balanced, and objective

Every now and then I get asked to explain twitter to hacks. So far, my presentations are fairly mechanical, explaining how it works, which clients work best, how to build lists, use it to generate leads, or gather followers. I talk about avoiding flame wars, about nice ideas like balance and impartiality. That said, I […]

Crowdsource me

Following the success of the Freelance Forum, and in particular the contributions on online journalism, I’ve been asked to put together a brief guide to creating an online profile for freelance journalists. The brief is simple: How to use online tools, be it LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or creating your own blog or website, in order […]

Falling for the propaganda

Linux is hard. I know this is true, because I’ve been told it so many times. Never mind that I’ve been using it quite happily for the past few years, it’s hard. Sometimes, I even have to type something using the dreaded Command Line interface. Never mind that all the programmes I need are stored […]


Ubuntu, the Linux distribution from Canonical and marketed as ‘Linux for human beings’, manages to both annoy and please me with every release. On the one hand, it sure does look pretty, and gets prettier with every new release. The latest version, Lucid Lynx, now in beta, introduces the ‘Light’ theme – see the screenshot […]

The T Word

Martin Cloake congratulates the NUJ for its use of new media (mostly twitter, with a frequently updated blog, all maintained by a team of student journalists) to cover their recent annual delegate meeting. Well yes, except that most of the tweeters seem not to have set up accounts until days before the ADM began, the […]