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Flying by the seat of your pants

Last week, the Sunday Independent front page carried a Ryanair story. Michael O’Leary addressed a conference on innovation, the newspaper reported, where he outlined how the European Commission invited him to Brussels, but refused to pay for his flight because it was booked through Ryanair. And he said he was told “there is a ban […]


Imagine a private corporation closes down its operations in Ireland, leaving several hundred skilled workers on the dole. Imagine the corporation asks if anyone else wants to take over its operations before it leaves, but gets no takers before it pulls out. Imagine the Office of Public Works steps in, offers to buy the corporation’s […]

Top-Down Attitude

Jason Roe is a web developer, who while trying to avoid the credit card surcharges from Ryanair came across a bug on the airline’s website which caused it to price its flights at zero. The responses to the post included one calling him “an idiot and a liar”, one claiming to have hacked his website […]

Air Control

Ryanair says it will recognise trade unions if it takes over Aer Lingus. Even if they did though, I’m not convinced a Ryanair takeover would be a good idea. It might be good for Aer Lingus, it would certainly be good for Ryanair, but is it good for Ireland? Ryanair carries 43% of all scheduled […]

The Golden Years

For a week now, I’ve been avoiding the R word. In case you missed it, the ESRI announced that the Celtic Tiger was no more, and we were in a recession. The Irish news media responded with something that looked suspiciously like nostalgia for the eighties, when we were a nation of emigrants instead of […]