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See No Evil

While the mainstream concerned itself with the BCI decision to ban a Veritas advertisement, Republican Sinn Féin have identified a new niche in offensiveness. The following is an actual press release, posted without comment. The use of Christmas related advertising by multi-national companies to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of young children over […]

Heads Up

The hijab non-controversy continues, this time given oxygen by the announcement that the minister for education does not intend to regulate the non-issue. Beverly McKenzie, head of the Irish Hijab Campaign, formed to combat the well reported but rarely seen  threat to scarves in Irish schools, appeared on Today FM’s Last Word with Matt Cooper […]


Eileen Flynn died last week. Eileen Flynn came to public notice during the early eighties. Eileen was a teacher in a convent school. She lived with Richie Roche, a separated man. Divorce was illegal, Eileen and Richie couldn’t married. Shortly after Eileen had a child, she was fired by the nuns running the school where […]

Holy Law

A group of Dáil backbenchers have quietly declared war on God. The joint committee on the Constitution yesterday published a report on freedom of expression and blasphemy. Bunreacht na hÉireann allows the Oireachtas to punish the publishers of ‘blasphemous, seditious or indecent matters’. However, a Defamation bill making its way into law abolishes the offence […]

O Tempora O Mores

Times change. On Sunday, the Pope announced that the next Eucharistic Congress, planned for 2012, would take place in Ireland. The last time the congress came to Dublin, in 1932, the event was a showcase for the newly independent Catholic state. A reputed one in four of the population travelled to the capital on pilgrimage […]

A Judicial Separation

The Catholic archbishop of Dublin has offered his two cents on the Lisbon treaty debate. Diarmuid Martin said it was regrettable that while Christian humanist values lay at the heart of the treaty, it was regrettable that it contained no explicit recognition of Europe’s Christian heritage. I have to disagree. Europe’s Christan heritage contains such […]