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Some time ago, I fretted about the future of OpenOffice, an open source office suite, and my software of choice for writing, spreadsheets and presentations. The problem, put simply, was the lack of interest in OpenOffice from Oracle, it’s new owner. Well, it looks like my worries are over. Meet the Document Foundation, a new […]

Not Quite There

It’s been a busy few weeks for anyone who uses office productivity suites – word processors, spreadsheets and the like. OpenOffice issued its newest version, and Microsoft released Service Pack 2, a free upgrade for anyone using MS Office 2007. MS Office now supports the Open Document Format (ODF), a great help for those of […]


First the recession, then killer pig flu, and now it looks as if my favourite software is doomed. OpenOffice exists as a project of Sun Microsystems, and Sun just got taken over by Oracle Corp. Sun has two jewels that Oracle wanted: Java, a programming language designed to run no matter what your operating system, […]

New Toys

Intrepid Ibex. It sounds like a cartoon character from CBBC, but it’s the codename for the latest Ubuntu distribution, released today. This afternoon, I installed it on two computers, although I must admit that the news that it came packed with the older version of OpenOffice did give me pause for thought. Despite that, I […]

Office Politics 3.0 was officially launched today. Demand for the new release overwhelmed the website for some time. My attempt to contact the website just timed out. The new release has however been available for a few days on mirror sites, so I’ve been working with it over the weekend. There’s not much I have to […]

It Just Works

As I’ve mentioned more than once in this blog when it turns to technology themes, I don’t use Microsoft Office products any more. This article, like all others since 200 Words began, is written using the (OOo) Writer. Since I began using OOo , I’ve used it to compose hundreds of articles and two […]