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I’m sure that lots has been written on online branding and identity, much of it by spoofing “social media consultants”, and some of it even useful. Either way, I was experineting with different twitter avatars last night, and because twitter chose to disable picture uploads, I now find myself stuck with an unfamiliar avatar. On […]

200 Words will return in the New Year

Radio Silence

I haven’t had a chance to post here this week, having been kept busy by work commitments, the annual Culchiefest ( also known as the National Ploughing Championships), and an invasion of relatives. Normal service should resume next week, but in the meantime, for those of you wondering what else I’ve been up to: How […]

Words In Pictures

I’ve been away from things for the last few days, so no updates recently. Then, scanning random blogs to catch up this morning, I came across the web app at Wordle, which creates a word cloud. A word cloud (or tag cloud) is a visual depiction of user-generated tags, or simply the word content of […]

Change of Tack

This is the second 200 Words of 2009. Since I began this blog in early June of last year, I’ve written a total of 135 articles. At two hundred words each, that’s a total of 27000 words. At least, that’s the word count according to’s Writer software, but the wordpress blogging software I use […]