Do the research

It’s been a busy week, between Freelance Forum and its aftermath, and a few other things. But there was one advantage to being busy doing other things. Without the newsmag constantly to the forefront of my mind, occasional thoughts would pop up from angles I hadn’t considered before. Given the week that’s in it – […]


Does your company produce corporate knick-knacks? Ballpoint pens with company logos perhaps, or branded USB sticks, or coffee mugs. Or maybe you print t-shirts. Because if so, I think I’d like to talk to you. There’s a convention that kick starter contributors receive ‘rewards’ for their money, like those I’ve mentioned above. Producing a newsmag, […]

In fairness

Now and then Pat Kenny (or AN Other) makes a silly argument. Not because Pat Kenny is an idiot, but because he’s faced with only one interviewee, and so Pat is obliged to put the opposite case. And never mind if the opposite case is idiotic. Balance rules requires both sides of an argument. Meanwhile, […]

The investigative space

As a weekend roundup, a few stories (not all of them new) about investigative journalism that caught my attention recently… Shoe leather and paywalls: A French website exposes corruption and shakes up the political scene. De Correspondent: A Dutch news site raises €1 million through crowdfunding. Reboot the news: What If Publishers Could Start From […]