Guest Post: Guth – why we need a new media voice in Ireland

By Philip O’Connor As soon as Gerard Cunningham suggested the idea of a new independent Irish news magazine run by journalists to me, I was onboard. And here’s why. Modern media is a complex business where the interests of shareholders, advertisers, editors, journalists and readers seldom converge. Decisions about what stories to cover are taken […]

Support a new voice: Guth

Crowdfunding first came across my radar about six months ago, when I started hearing about Kickstarter, an American project which invited supporters to fund projects with donations. The idea struck me immediately as an innovative way to get a project off the ground, solving two problems startups often face, a lack of seed capital and […]

The Goldilocks zone

The largest successful Fundit crowdfunding effort to date raised €25,000. Impressive, but quite a way from the headline grabbing seven figure sums raised by some Kickstarters in the USA and elsewhere. That said, the average amount raised by a Kickstarter appeal is around $5000 (about €3750). The average raised by Irish crowdfunding appeals to date […]

Format woes

Twice in the last few days, I’ve seen offers for free “e-books”. Actually, I see offers like that all the time, but this time, the books interested me, so I clicked download. In both instances, the “e-books” turned out to be PDFs. This annoys me. PDF – portable document format – was designed as a […]


Andrew Sullivan says he is unlikely to make his 900K target. Granted its a distinct market, and his costs are different, but still, it gave me pause. So I thought, instead of looking for enough subscription/support to launch and run for a year, I look for one issue. Ireland is a small market, readers here […]


I wasn’t quite ready to go, but over the weekend I set up a basic FundIt page for the Guth newsmagazine. The intention was to at least get the ball rolling. I figured once it was up there, I could refine and re-edit the description, sort out exactly what gifts I would give to subscribers, […]