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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

It started when an Richard Downes took to the internet looking for people to talk about TOR (The Onion Router), software which allows internet users to protect their identity. Patrick O’Donovan decided to hop on the bandwagon. He issued a press release. Then he tried to message Downes privately. Others have already written about O’Donovan’s […]


Yesterday, the garda press office issued an alert to journalists about an “incident” in Mountmellick, where a man had barricaded himself inside a house. The brief notice asked journalists to respect a blackout in reporting the incident until it was resolved. Sometimes, based on their assessment, garda authorities will ask journalists to cover an event, […]

Space to rent

I spend too much time reading media blogs, predominantly American, because that’s where the most interesting things are happening. While Irish newspapers still fret about paywalls, there are already lots of new revenue models in the Land of the Free, from freemuims and leaky paywalls to digital first, web-only, and (in rare cases) paper-only products. […]

Lies, damned lies, and property prices

Here’s a graph showing the year on year change in Irish property prices, based on the latest Central Statistics Office statistics. You can examine the raw data on the CSO website, in an article headlined Residential Property Prices rise by 3.6% in the year to September. It’s a heartwarming image. Glance at it without too […]

When you’re reporting your source’s point of view, its PR, not journalism

There was a rumour you see. And as far as the Guards were concerned, it was a believable rumour, despite the complete absence of any forensic evidence. So the Guards mobilised, and swooped down on innocent families. Not this week in Tallaght and the Midlands, but 17 years ago, in Donegal. The case led to […]

An old idea

Clearing out old archives, I came across this, from November 2012, and early iteration of the idea that became Guth. Originally a rejected pitch as an idea for an irregular radio column, it encapsulates what I hoped the webmag might do (and while Guth didn’t work as I planned it, I still this there’s a […]

Last resort

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a To Do item in my notebook: honest appraisal. The honest appraisal is simple: With barely a couple of days to go, and as somewhat less that 30% of target, it is unlikely that Guth magazine will reach its target. 30% is regarded as something of a magic number for crowdfunding […]

Last orders

Crowdfunding contributions tend to follow a pattern. When first announced, a project is met with an initial rush of contributions, then things slow down. The word takes time to spread, or people are waiting for a pay day, or waiting to see if the idea takes off, or they just put it off because, well, […]

Unintended consequences

If there’s one article worth reading at the moment, it’s How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets. Go on, have a read if you haven’t already. I’ll wait. What strikes me, though its never spelled out in that story, is how the NSA was the author of its own misfortunes. When Snowden first decided […]

Guth: What’s in a name?

Why call it Guth? If there’s one question I get asked more than any other about Guth magazine, it’s why I called it Guth. The simple answer is, it’s an Irish word, and an Irish magazine, and unlike English words, most Irish words tend to be available. They’re less likely to be trademarked, less likely […]