Office Politics 3.0 was officially launched today. Demand for the new release overwhelmed the website for some time. My attempt to contact the website just timed out. The new release has however been available for a few days on mirror sites, so I’ve been working with it over the weekend. There’s not much I have to […]

Pig Ignorant

‘Let’s just list this for a second.’ ‘John McCain says he’s for change too.’ ‘Except – So I guess his whole angle is, “watch out George Bush, except for economic policy, healthcare policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy, and Karl Rove style politics, we’re really going to shake things up in Washington”.’ ‘That’s not […]

The Golden Years

For a week now, I’ve been avoiding the R word. In case you missed it, the ESRI announced that the Celtic Tiger was no more, and we were in a recession. The Irish news media responded with something that looked suspiciously like nostalgia for the eighties, when we were a nation of emigrants instead of […]

fre spch nt so gr8

Despite yesterday’s 200 words, I have to confess I’m wary of text feedback on current affairs programmes. Time was, news editors occasionally commissioned a vox pop to get a quick sampling of public opinion on an issue. For a complex debate like the Lisbon treaty, with implications for economic policy, sovereignty, and neutrality, a vox […]

The Wearing Of The Green

Pat Kenny hosted a discussion on school uniforms and the hijab today. The most interesting part of such discussions is often the feedback from listeners. There were a few unusual opinions, to say the least. There’s something odd about a country that lived the through penal laws getting hot under the collar about others who […]