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Two Hundred Words to John Gormley

Dear John, Right now, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Half your membership wants you to pull out of coalition on Tuesday, the rest want you to stick the course. The wiser course is probably to knuckle down and get on with it. But to make that work, you need to change some things. First. Stop your TDs going on TV and radio to defend Fianna Fáil. For example, Eamon… Read Article →

Leading the Charge

If I was Enda Kenny, I’d be worried. He rescued his party from political oblivion in 2002, bringing them back from 31 to 51 seats in 2007. Thanks in part to Biffo’s cluelessness, he now finds himself at the head of a party with 38% support in the latest poll, about to deliver a historic drubbing to Fianna Fail. But Enda still has problems. His personal satisfaction rating is only… Read Article →

De Mare

Dublin is to get a new directly-elected mayor within a year. The first directly elected city leader will be chosen by the capital’s citizens next summer. ‘2010 will see the direct election, by the people of the Dublin region, of a highly-visible and accountable Mayor who will have the authority and powers to deliver real leadership for the city and region,’ Green party leader John Gormley said. At least one… Read Article →

Eyes Only

Gardai question artist under caution: The Irish Times. Police quiz man over naked images of Irish PM in national gallery: The Belfast Telegraph. Cowen artist ‘could be charged’: BBC News. Artist Conor Casby faces jail after Brian Cowen made unwitting model for toilet humour: Times Online (Entertainment section). Irish PM bogged down by nude painting row: ITN. Guerrilla artist hangs nude paintings of taoiseach Brian Cowen: The Guardian. Ireland Nude… Read Article →

Bare Faced Cheek

‘The visit by a Garda detective today to the offices of Today FM radio station, demanding that staff from the Ray Darcy Show hand over information they might have had about the artist of these pieces was astounding,’ Labour party Senator Alan Kelly said. ‘Does this investigation really represent the best use of scarce Garda resources? And if as suggested, the Garda was to pursue a search warrant to be… Read Article →

The Emperor’s New Clothes

FG Justice Spokesperson Charlie Flanagan criticised the decision by Gardaí to demand emails relating to the artist who painted nude portraits of Brian Cowen hung in two Dublin galleries. ‘At a time when the majority of gangland murders remain unsolved, to have Gardaí spending their time investigating what amounted to a practical joke that offended the Taoiseach’s ego is a scandalous waste of resources.’ ‘Today FM has clearly come under… Read Article →

The Naked Taoiseach

Yesterday, I wrote about RTÉ removing a film report on caricatures of Brian Cowen smuggled into two Dublin galleries. [Kudos at this point to Maman Poulet, who’s blog tipped me off to the story.] Since them, things have grown more serious. The images on the RTÉ website were removed, copy has been edited, and the station apologised for the story. And according to one source, the government press office rang… Read Article →

Bare Arse Biffo

You can tell a lot about the powerful by how they react to satire. In Ireland, the powerful tend to react badly. Older politicians still smart at the memory of Hall’s Pictorial Weekly, and can barely bring themselves to smile through gritted teeth when Scrap Saturday is mentioned. The result is a pale imitation of satire in the country that gave the world Swift. ‘Nob Nation’ is content to busy… Read Article →

Top-Down Attitude

Jason Roe is a web developer, who while trying to avoid the credit card surcharges from Ryanair came across a bug on the airline’s website which caused it to price its flights at zero. The responses to the post included one calling him “an idiot and a liar”, one claiming to have hacked his website in return, and another lamenting his “pathetic life”. But when Jason checked the IP addresses… Read Article →

Lend Me Your Ears

I suppose I should say something about that speech. Brian Cowen’s address to the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, fortuitously recorded after most journalists had left, got quite a bit of play today, and no doubt cheered many Fianna Fáil supporters around the country. Extracts were played on several radio stations, commentators were asked for their reaction during Pat Kenny’s morning programme. By Lunchtime, Newstalk was playing it to the soundtrack… Read Article →

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