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Move Over Tiger, Meet The Celtic Lions

One of the handy things about Google is you can use it to get a first approximation on controversies. Take the maiden city, for example, the one known in Irish as Doire Cholmcille. There are eight million google hits for Derry, and only five million for Londonderry. Clearly the nationalists are winning that particular propaganda battle. We tend to get sensitive over names. It’s not that hard to spell or… Read Article →

Blog The Vote

It’s old news at this stage, but in the hours after the US election results came in, several news outlets reported that Fianna Fáil would look to the lessons that could be learned from Barack Obama’s campaign. But while media reports concentrated on the glossy finish to the campaign, with it’s use of blogs, twitters and mobile phone updates, one ‘senior source’ in Fianna Fáil revealed the true lesson the… Read Article →

The Washp

Glorious accidents aren’t supposed to happen any more. Alexander Graham Bell probably hoped the first words ever said over his new-fangled telephone would be profound and meaningful, resonating down the ages. Instead, they turned out to be ‘Mr Watson, come here, I want to see you’, uttered after he accidentally spilled some acid. Sir Alexander Fleming might easily have thrown out the petri dishes contaminated with mold, but decided to… Read Article →