On Your Bike

Yesterday, Gardaí warned anyone thinking of buying a car over the internet to take care, after a member of the public became the victim of a motoring scam. The unfortunate citizen bought and paid for a car, which was never delivered. ‘Buyer beware’ is an adage so old it even existed in a now-dead language, […]

What’s My Name?

You can all breathe a little more easily tonight. The internet is safe again. During a presentation at the wonderfully named Black Hat Conference in Las Legas, a gathering of security professionals, Dan Kaminsky outlined the flaw in the design of Domain Name System that could allow the unscrupulous to hijack well known domain names […]


At the start of the week, several former google executives launched a new search engine. The website is called Cuil – ‘an old Irish word for knowledge’, according to its founders. Cuil is – among other things – the Irish for eagerness, fearsomeness, a gnat, a horsefly, a beetle, a bluebottle, and cúil (the addition […]

You’ve Got Mail

I’ve been wallowing in schadenfreude all day, thanks to a news item from Seattle. Having pleased guilty last March to fraud and tax evasion charges, Robert Alan Solway was sentenced to 47 months in prison after pleading guilty in a Seattle court on Tuesday. ‘Robert Alan who?’ I can hear you ask. Robert Soloway was […]

Identity Theft

The internet is broken. Or at least, there’s a gaping big hole in its security. Security researcher Dan Kaminsky spotted the flaw in the foundations of the internet, the DNS (Domain Name Server) system several months ago, then worked in secret until a patch could be prepared. However, Kaminsky and others who were briefed then […]

To Every Cow Its Calf

Several news outlets are quite excited over the court order entertainment giant Viacom secured against Google. The eponymous search engine must hand over details of the videos watched by users of YouTube. Viacom claims Google has infringed it’s copyright, while Google says it is not responsible for YouTube content, and removes any material if there’s […]

Ne’er The Twain

It’s said you can prove anything with statistics. Perhaps. But you can certainly make any argument by carefully selecting which statistics to cite. On Monday for instance, an EU survey showed Ireland still lags in internet access, with one in three still using low-speed dial-up modems. The survey confirms computer ownership and internet access are […]