Why I left Facebook

I deleted my facebook account today, though it will take fourteen days for the cancellation to become final. [If you want to know how I did it, follow the simple instructions at WikiHow.] If you really want to opt out, then it’s worth checking that link. Facebook don’t make it easy to permanently delete your […]

Computer Virus, World Fever

A devastating computer virus is set to wreak havoc on computers today, as the ‘Conficker’ virus takes effect on thousands of machines in Ireland and worldwide. PC makers are warning users worldwide not to switch on their machines for 24 hours, as the rogue ‘time bomb’ program is designed to cause computers and monitors to […]

Data Loss

Data protection seems to have become a running story in Ireland, or maybe it’s just that the silly season has pushed the stories to the front page. Recent incidents include the loss of a laptop containing social welfare details of Irish citizens, a laptop containing confidential information about companies receiving support from the IDA, and […]