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Down the tubes

A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded my first video to Youtube – a montage of photographs taken at the Glencolmcille Agricultural Show, set to a music soundtrack by Eunan McIntyre, a local musician. Being a journalist, and living with copyright issues, I first checked with everyone that it was okay to use their work. Everyone consented. To date, the video has been viewed over 800 times by people in… Read Article →

Why I left Facebook

I deleted my facebook account today, though it will take fourteen days for the cancellation to become final. [If you want to know how I did it, follow the simple instructions at WikiHow.] If you really want to opt out, then it’s worth checking that link. Facebook don’t make it easy to permanently delete your account. Instead, they want you to deactivate. The data is still there,it just can’t be… Read Article →

By Their Acts

Is Google evil? Google remembers everything about you. What you looked for, which of the sites it suggested you settled for. All to improve its search algorithms in future of course. When the Chinese government had a quiet word, Google was happy to censor it’s search engines in order to gain access to a lucrative market. If you use Gmail, Google stores your email forever. And then, Google will search… Read Article →