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Justice…shall be administered in public

Overnight transcripts from the Smithwick tribunal may not be made available to the public or to the various legal teams granted representation at the inquiry into alleged Garda collusion with the Provisional IRA. “The transcripts will not be put on the internet,” counsel for the tribunal said at today’s brief public hearing. They would also […]

No longer ‘alleged’: Commissioner confirms ‘Corrib Cops’ tape

A couple of days ago, I wrote here for the first time about the ‘Corrib Cops‘ tape. One of the thigs I’ve noticed in media coverage of the story is the use of the word ‘alleged’. The ‘alleged tape’, the ‘alleged conversation’, even the ‘alleged remarks’. Garda commissioner Martin Callinan has this evening released a […]

Why is anyone surprised by ‘Corrib Cops’?

Once upon a time, I wrote a screenplay, based on the Morris tribunal. It’s in development, which is a polite way of saying it’s sitting on a shelf in a producer’s office somewhere, gathering dust because the producer is busy gathering funds for other projects. This is one scene from that screenlay. It’s impossible to […]

Corrib Cops

Following a day of reportage on a tape in which Gardaí can be heard joking about raping a Shell2Sea protestor, garda commissioner Martin Callinan released this statement: “An Garda Síochána will continue to work closely with support organisations for victims of sexual crime and other victim support groups to ensure that our policy and approach […]

Are speed camera zones about safety or revenue?

I spent Tuesday at Hacks & Hackers Hack. Organised by Scraperwiki, and sponsored by the Guardian Open Platform, NUJ Dublin Freelance Branch and Innovation Dublin, HH&H was a one day exercise uniting Hacks (journalists) and Hackers (computer coders) to extract data from public databases. Since the introduction of safety camera zones has been in the […]

Famine Road 2.0

I spent a couple of days designing a charity newsletter last week. The newsletter will go out a handful of times a year, updating donors on how their money is being spent, and telling the local community what services are on offer. I wasn’t paid. I volunteered. It’s for a good cause, I get to […]

26 months later

In May 2008, retired High Court president Freddie Morris recommended that a Committee be set up to “formulate and recommend the policy to be implemented in respect of investigative interviewing by the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána on an ongoing basis in all its respects, and make such recommendations from time to time in relation […]

Open the books

A Garda who investigated one of the most notorious clerical child abusers in Ireland has called on the Catholic church to “open its books” about child sexual abuse. Retired Garda Martin Ridge was a key player in the investigation which led to the conviction and jailing of Fr Eugene Greene for twelve years in April […]

Chinese whispers

Sometimes, we’re not very good at getting our story straight. Seven people were arrested today. But what do we know? The initial Garda press release was to the point. Four men and three women arrested. There was a press briefing at 4.30pm. Anything above and beyond what the release said presumably came from there. RTE […]

Legal Shock

Outside, the new Criminal Courts Complex is distinctive, but not hugely original. Busáras with a facelift. Inside, it feels like a science fiction set. Something American, definitely lacking the post-industrial grime that besets most UK efforts, from 28 Days Later to Dr Who. Think of Doctor Manhattan’s laboratory in Watchmen. Or maybe the headquarters for […]