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Data Quality

It has been some time since I’ve written here about Jobbridge, and my Freedom of Information request for a datadump of the database of Jobbridge companies and vacancies held by the department of social protection. In brief, the department released to me a broken database, because one item in the database, COMPANY_ID, a reference number which links employers to the vacancies they offered, was withheld. The department argued that as… Read Article →

Commercially sensitive

Below is the decision of the appeals officer in the department of social protection in response to my arguments seeking the release of full records from the JobBridge programme. Short version, they said no. Back in June, I blogged the issues I intended to raise in my FOI appeal, for those of you who need a refresher. I have six months to appeal the decision. I’ve already outlined some of… Read Article →

JobBridge: The Story So Far

Back in March 2012, I sent a Freedom of Information request to FÁS and the Department of Social Protection (DSP) seeking two items: (1) Records maintained by FÁS relating to the number of jobbridge positions accepted by participants, how many jobbridge programmes have been completed, and relating to what happened afterwards to participants. (2) Records relating to the assessment, monitoring, quality control mechanisms etc FÁS is using in relation to… Read Article →