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Striking An Odd Note

Meteor, the third place mobile telephone company in the Irish marketplace behind Vodafone and O2, has a new advertisement. The new commercial, which I caught on one of the radio stations as I drove home this evening, promotes the company’s mobile broadband offering. The service can be used for “those embarrassing music downloads, you know […]

Pay The Piper

Last month, Eircom reached an agreement with the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) to disconnect internet customers who continued to download copyrighted music after three warnings. In a joint statement, both sides said they agreed on the three strikes approach to end ‘the abuse of the internet by P2P (peer to peer) copyright infringers.’ This […]

Face The Music

I downloaded the latest OpenOffice release today. It clocked in at about 140Mb. I also downloaded several podcasts. mostly from the BBC and NPR. Then I emailed some high resolution photos, each about 10Mb. I mention this because Eircom reached a settlement today with the Irish Recorded Music Association. Big Music doesn’t like the internet, […]